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Car Dealers Love Our Text Leads

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Quinton Gentry at Seth Wadley Auto Group shares why they have been enjoying success as an iCall AutoLeads customer for more than a year!

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[us_iconbox type=”icon_left” icon=”fa-mobile-phone” title=”Texting Dominates” link_url=”#” link_text=”Learn More” iconpos=”left” with_circle=”yes” style=”outlined” link=”url:%23″ size=”36px”]Texting is the #1 way humans communicate so we give local car buyers an easy way to get your special offers by text message.[/us_iconbox][us_separator type=”invisible” icon=”fa-star”][us_iconbox type=”icon_left” icon=”fa-magic” title=”Like Magic” link_url=”#” link_text=”Learn More” iconpos=”left” with_circle=”yes” style=”outlined” link=”url:%23″ size=”36px”]When the buyer gets your digital coupon, you’ll get a lead notification with their mobile phone number.[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox type=”icon_left” icon=”fa-comment-o” title=”Message Received” link_url=”#” link_text=”Learn More” iconpos=”left” with_circle=”yes” style=”outlined” link=”url:%23″ size=”36px”]Over 90% of all text messages are read within 3 minutes. Unlike email, your text won’t end up in a SPAM folder.[/us_iconbox][us_separator type=”invisible” icon=”fa-star”][us_iconbox type=”icon_left” icon=”fa-calendar-o” title=”Conversation” link_url=”#” link_text=”Learn More” iconpos=”left” with_circle=”yes” style=”outlined” link=”url:%23″ size=”36px”]Call the shopper, make sure they got your coupon, and set the appointment.[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox type=”icon_left” icon=”fa-dollar” title=”Instant Advantage” link_url=”#” link_text=”Learn More” iconpos=”left” with_circle=”yes” style=”outlined” link=”url:%23″ size=”36px”]Your special offer is immediately delivered to the buyer giving you an Instant Advantage over your competition.
[/us_iconbox][us_separator type=”invisible” icon=”fa-star”][us_iconbox type=”icon_left” icon=”fa-money” title=”SOLD” link_url=”#” link_text=”Learn More” iconpos=”left” with_circle=”yes” style=”outlined” link=”url:%23″ size=”36px”]Once the buyer comes in you can do what you do best and close the deal.[/us_iconbox]
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[us_iconbox icon=”fa-puzzle-piece” iconpos=”top” title=”Strategy” with_circle=”yes” external=”” style=”outlined” link=”” size=”36px”]Do you want more new car leads and used car leads? iCall AutoLeads is a first party lead tool that bridges the gap between buyers and dealers using text message lead generation.[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”fa-laptop” iconpos=”top” title=”Technology” with_circle=”yes” external=”” style=”outlined” link=”” size=”36px”]True SMS technology means real text messages instead of unreliable email to text leads that runs through multiple servers.[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”fa-mobile” iconpos=”top” title=”Mobile Leads” with_circle=”yes” external=”” style=”outlined” link=”” size=”36px”]Instead of chasing new car emails or used car email leads that end up in Spam filters you will always get a valid mobile numbers with every automotive lead we deliver.[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox icon=”fa-shield” iconpos=”top” title=”Compliant” with_circle=”yes” external=”” style=”outlined” link=”” size=”36px”]This is not dealership text message marketing. iCall AutoLeads adheres to all TCPA rules keeping your Dealership compliant while delivering leads by text message.[/us_iconbox]

Get More New and Used Car Leads
from Your Website and 3rd party sites

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More Leads Everywhere

iCall AutoLeads works online, offline, all the time. Our easy calls to action can be used to generate leads from vehicle photos, sellers notes, newspaper ads, print magazines, radio ads, TV Spots, Web Videos and anywhere else that you want to generate new car leads or used car leads. It is the most versatile first party lead generation tool for Car Dealers today.

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Got 10 seconds?

Watch this video and in 10 seconds you can learn how to get more new car leads and used car leads at your dealership!

Try it Yourself

Just text the code iCall to the phone number 76626 from your mobile phone anywhere in the United States* and you’ll see how iCall AutoLeads works just like your customers would.

*Standard messaging and data rates apply. You’ll receive two (2) text messages within 60 seconds.

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Quality New and Used Car Leads

New and Used Car Dealers are looking for ways to drive better quality local car buyers to their dealerships. Unfortunately when it comes to purchasing leads, most third party email leads are generated from surveys or contests so the information isn’t always from a person who has the intention of making a vehicle purchase. Many of those leads are also sold to more than one new car dealership which reduces the quality even further. iCall AutoLeads delivers the best quality new car leads, and used car leads from local buyers who are actually looking at your vehicle when they take action. Every lead delivered, whether for a new vehicle or used vehicle, has a valid mobile phone number so you can call the customer right away.

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Call or text anytime at 269-459-2272

or use the form below

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