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The best quality automotive leads are the ones that include a mobile phone number from a local car buyer who is truly interested in your vehicle. iCall AutoLeads come from local automotive buyers who are looking at your vehicles so you always get a valid mobile number from a hot local car buyer.

Text Messaging is the #1 way people communicate and smart dealerships know that there is an opportunity to get the best text message leads using iCall AutoLeads technology.

iCall AutoLeads takes text messaging beyond the typical text message lead by using a combination of digital coupons and texting to generate a dramatic increase in phone conversion for your website and all of your third party advertisements.

iCall AutoLeads delivers the best quality new car leads from local new car buyers and the very best used car leads from local used car shoppers at the precise moment they’re looking at your advertisements.

Do you want more sales opportunities for your dealership right now? Use iCall AutoLeads text message lead technology to supercharge your ads today.

Contact us using the form on this page or text the code iCall to the phone number 40691 for more information right now*. If you’re in Canada, Text iCall to 71441 for more information.* 

*Standard text & data rates apply

Automotive Text Message Leads

Learn about using SMS for lead generation at your dealership with iCall AutoLeads

Visible Everywhere

iCall AutoLeads works online, offline, all the time. Our easy calls to action can be used to generate leads from vehicle photos, sellers notes, newspaper ads, print magazines, radio ads, TV Spots, Web Videos and everywhere else that you want to generate new car leads or used car leads. It is the most versatile lead generation tool for Car Dealerships today.

Easy Integration

iCall AutoLeads works with your website and every third party classified site including Edmunds,, AutoTrader, Craigslist and more.

Friendly Support

The best part about our support is that you’ll probably never need to use it. On the rare occasion that you do need help, we can usually resolve any concerns immediately.

New Way to Generate Leads

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The Best New Car Leads and Used Car Leads

Starting at just $15 per lead

iCall AutoLeads is the Best Text Message Leads for Car Dealers

  1. Quality automotive leads.

  2. 100% Valid mobile numbers with every lead.

  3. Used Car Leads.

  4. New Car Leads.

  5. Digital coupons in under 60 seconds.

  6. Compatible with Online, Print, TV, Radio, Video Ads.

Never miss another opportunity. iCall AutoLeads offers three options to fit your needs. And every option includes our new iCall Web Forms so you can capture mobile numbers and deliver digital incentives right on your website!

  1. iCall AutoLeads: Includes Digital Coupons, SMS Call to action keywords for Sourcing Leads. Lead notifications by SMS, email and to your CRM.

    PRICING: $15 per lead 

  2. iCall AutoLeads Pro: Includes everything in iCall AutoLeads and AutoDrip Powered by Calldrip. When a lead comes in, we’ll automatically call up to 3 sales people at your Dealership, once they answer and press one, they’ll automatically be connected to the buyer’s mobile phone. When the call is complete, we’ll send it to your CRM with an email to the manager so you can hear how the team is handling your valuable leads.

    PRICING: $18 per lead 

  3. Most companies treat Automotive Dealers the same way they treat the local coffee shop because they don’t understand how Car Dealership Marketing works. iCall AutoLeads meets the Automotive shopper where they are so that you can connect with quality local car buyers now and it protects your dealership from potential issues by respecting the new text messaging laws. There is no other SMS Lead generation company that has the Automotive Industry knowledge offered by KonigCo. Ask Google: “Who has the best mobile marketing for car dealers” and you’ll see that we are NUMBER ONE!

Pricing are for U.S. Markets Only. Contact us for special pricing in Canada and the United Kingdom.

These are the BEST QUALITY NEW CAR LEADS AND USED CAR LEADS that money can buy because they’re all 1st party leads from buyers who are looking at your vehicles. Finally, you have a way to connect with them before they move on to someone else.

This program is the best quality automotive lead generation tool for your Car Dealership in 2014 and will continue to be the best lead too for Car Dealers in 2015 and beyond.

Contact us today and learn how to take iCall AutoLeads for a test drive.

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