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No Video : No Chance

Did you know that 84% of Automotive buyers say they’ll be using video to decide what to buy and where they’ll buy their next vehicle, even though they intentionally skip commercials?

Are you aware that 1 in 4 Car Buyers are spending over an hour watching new car videos and used car videos and they’re spending most of their time doing it on Mobile devices?

New Car Shoppers want interesting, unique content that will help them make a good buying decision. Google constantly updates their search algorithms to help people find relevant information and their biggest update in the past decade was designed to help with mobile search relevance.

According to Google the average auto shopper watches 78 videos per month on YouTube. Our customers see anywhere from 700 to 1500 video views taking place every month for over 60 seconds each time with 50% of their views happening on mobile devices.

When local car buyers watch new car videos, Do they see you?

iCar Video will get your new cars in front of local car buyers. We help create Google page one visibility with many common search phrases and help you show up when shoppers search for your competitors using simple conquest video strategies. Using our methods of Automotive Mobile VSEO (Video search engine optimization) for Car Dealers, and our Conquest Video Search Engine Optimization Automotive strategy, we help our dealers get and keep the attention of shoppers in their local and competing markets.

Better than YouTube Pre-Roll Advertising

People hate commercials so they skip them when they can. YouTube Pre-roll may get you some extra exposure but the majority of the viewers skip your ad as soon as they can. With iCar Video, our average viewer spends 60 seconds watching your videos, which means they’re seeing your brand, website, phone number and more for over a minute each time.

Your new car videos are displayed on YouTube and your website but we don’t stop there. Your New Vehicle Videos are displayed in an attractive layout on our consumer facing site .

But wait there’s more…

If you’re using our iCall AutoLeads tool, you’ll also have an SMS (text message) lead generating call to action in every single video so you can call buyers while they’re watching your new car videos.

iCar Video is the best new car video marketing for Car Dealerships

VSEO With a Twist

  1. 73% of Automotive Buyers Actively Cross Shop.

  2. Google optimized visibility.

  3. People shop using mobile phones more than ever before.

  4. Mobile optimized for Apple’s Siri and Google Now.

  5. If you do it first, your competitors can’t get in.

  6. Market and Brand EXCLUSIVITY.

You don’t want to be just another dealer with videos on Google that show up every now and again.
You also don’t want to spend thousands of dollars each month on hundreds of videos that nobody will watch.

You’re successful already because you realize that automotive shoppers don’t want to watch car commercials, they just want relevant local information to help them make a well informed decision.

iCar Video will help local car buyers see why your dealership and your brand are a better choice than your competitors.

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iCar Video: The Best New Car Video Marketing

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